Sunday, 1 March 2015


Recently I have had this overwhelming feeling that my ideals, my morality, no longer coincide with the projection I am feeding the world through my blog and YouTube.
I can only describe my wanting to make this change as a personal evolution of ethics and a shift in what I actually want to get out of this life. In other words, I'm growing up, and I want to take this blog with me. I have made the decision to shift away from fashion and beauty, and instead make a real contribution to the world. Dream big right? Wild Daze is my new project. I want this blog to be a candid representation of my life. An outlet for my thoughts on real questions, a place for me to share my adventures and inspiration. A place that harnesses all the good and bad in my life and tries to make some sense of it all. I want to post about travel, food, philosophy and maybe drop some personal style in there along the way. 

I don't have much of a plan for this life but one thing I certainly have decided is that I'm not going to attempt to become every other UK youtuber or blogger in order to succeed. I see a formulaic structure to the way one succeeds on youtube and as a result these beautiful girls with identical personalities are churning out the same videos week in and week out and frankly I can't stand by it any longer. I do want to clarify right here and now that I still respect and admire all bloggers and youtubers for pursuing their passions and unleashing their creativity on the world but I believe my purpose here is to stay true to my differences and create something that reflects my ethos without being another cog in the machine. 

Although I remain forever flattered and humbled by the amenities that come with being a 'fashion blogger',  I do not wish to be adorned or praised for my narcissism any longer! Nor do I want to give people this false perception that my eccentric personal style is the only/most important aspect of my being. I am still happy to work with brands I believe in for any personal style segments on my blog or youtube but I no longer want to to dictate how my blog is run. 

Personal style will forever remain as a segment on my YouTube and blog (and I shall continue to document it on my instagram) because it's always been one of the sweeter forms of self expression for myself and one that I still take much gratification from. However I am going to cut down on the amount of work I do in fashion, as I don't think it's right for me to still enjoy all these perks when I can't help shake the feeling I don't share the same values as the people I'm working with. I want to spread more positivity on subjects that exclude external beauty and materialism. Hopefully I too will start to become more of the change I want to see.

What else is to come? At this point it is unclear! But Mika Francis is now a lifestyle blogger! Let it be known! 

I hope you decide to follow my adventure. I love you all.

P.s look out for the relaunch and re-branding of my channel happening in the next month. If you are reading this you'll know in advance what is coming!

Mika x


  1. Can I just say that as both a fellow blogger and huge fan of yours, I find this truly courageous. Ever since I've followed you on Youtube upon chancing across your south-east Asia travelling Q&A I've been in awe. You have such a lovely attitude, humble yet outspoken and what you aim to portray and offer the world is so genuine. What a great outlook to have on life, your online life and its influence on others. Blogging is ultimately my holy grail for sharing thoughts, probing life's many wonders/mysteries and finding peace, without competition. I'm so very excited to see how this blog journey pans out, Mika! You'll be wonderful at this. I can't wait to read whatever you churn from your mind. :)
    hope all is well on your end x

  2. I came across you while watching videos on going blonde to refresh my memory (used to do it myself awhile back), but I'm truly so grateful I did find you. A couple of videos and a post on your blog parallel exactly what I've been thinking about lately. About living. About how I don't know what the hell has happened the last 5 years. It's all a blur. I've gone through the motions every single day. I know I can make a difference, I know I need to be doing more. To really live my life. Thank you for helping me to realize this. All the way from Kansas, :)

  3. I just found your youtube channel today and I so love it! I can't agree with you more and it was so refreshing to find you on youtube, doing your own thing, with your own twist and personality truly showing through and glowing! Keep doing you and stay true! Love from Sweden!

  4. Hey there I just wanted to tell you that am really inspired by you.
    like all the questions you have asked or answered have touched my soul and made me question all that I do.

    I started watching your makeup routines long time ago and found your transition into veganism and all that you have reached to be really inspiring.

    I am from a country in the gulf named Bahrain and I am one of your biggest fans.

    hope all is good and bless your soul.