Thursday, 5 November 2015

Collective Consciousness; a Tech Revolution?

Let's start with a plain fact. It's 2015. The technology that is available right now (and at our finger tips) evokes something out of a science fiction novel and yet there generally seems to be a lack of wonderment in our global society. If we stop to consider that a person in poverty with a cellphone today has better communications technology then the US president did just 25 years ago, perhaps it might help us gain some perspective regarding the sheer speed of our technological advances. It's all happening right now!

So for a while I thought we as humans had come to a halt in evolution. Natural selection becoming a redundant principle. No longer should it apply in a society that nurture the ill, elderly and disabled, right? But I've just come to realise how wrong I was! In truth (inspired by the words of Jason Silva, Duncan Trussell and Joe Rogan) our minds are now evolving through the integration of technology. We now identify our technology as part of us. Our smart phones an extension of our hands that have given us a sixth sense of telepathy! I mean, we are literally transmitting our thoughts through time and space at the speed of light to people half way across the globe with the tips of our fingers. I still have a hard time grasping the fact that human minds created the revolutionary smart phone. The brightest of us our literally shaping our modern reality with these inventions,  so many of us already living much of our lives in online. In this 'dimension' (if you will) where we live our lives virtually, we can share thoughts and moments with a global community of people also living online. Now clearly it is easy to take advantage of this technology, getting lost in an online reality or an online persona of yourself that doesn't truthfully reflect your intentions. But beyond the linear land of social media there is a mass community of intellectuals and explorers alike, discussing and sharing alternative ideas about all aspects of life here on earth. And quite frankly it is revolutionary.

Technology has become part of our evolution and there is a whole nation of independent thinkers who are utilising the internet to expand our consciousness and break down 'standard' realities to unearth a much bigger picture.  I think the purpose of this post is to encourage more of us to get online and join this global conversation. What's actually happening right now? What can we do to make this world better. How can we inspire change? How can we become better people? How can we be happy and make others happy? How can we influence the culture to be more open minded to alternative ideas?  Too may people are taking the technology we have for granted when we can be using it to kickstart a revolution of ethical, openminded thinkers who's aim is to uncover, question, discover and explore! We can only evolve if we begin to use the tools we have created to learn more and act on those teachings.

I mean the access to global information we have today, juxtaposed to that as little as 20 years ago is actually phenomenal. The time has arrived that a person can now have total access to all available information/ideas on or about pretty much everything without having to continue in education. Think about it. Information is FREE..yet we pay so much for an 'education'? I mean, when our parents finished school they had but only a slither of independent or alternative work options that are now available to everyone.  Anybody has the opportunity to set up a free 'virtual' store online, or make money through blogging or writing for online publications. The internet has given us limitless options for freedom (to work for ourselves ect.) and yet so many of this generation are living off old passed down values that quite frankly are out of date!!! No offence to your mum and dad...times are just moving fast and not everybody can keep up. Our parents generation were raised along side an entirely different system and ours is jumping on the band-waggon for change in this tech revolution. Just imagine what our children's lives will be like. Most likely an entirely different reality from our own!                                                                                
I hope this post triggered some of your curiosity on how you can be more resourceful online. I've also taken it upon myself to save you the hard work of browsing and compile a list of revolutionary spaces on the web to expand your consciousness and question your realities!


Mika x