Sunday, 30 August 2015


I could think of one main difference between spiritual and ego-driven people; it comes down to what you see when confronted with the night sky. 
I guess that most egotistic individuals scarcely notice the sky, let alone star gaze (and I say this having spent most of my life in an ego bubble). But what I've found is that, the further I seek to learn about spirituality, philosophy and consciousness, the further into our universe I see. When I look at the stars I now see infinity. I see past our world and my problems. I see the insignificance of man and all it's beauty. I am reminded that I am simply a flesh vehicle, navigating around this organic spaceship flying through infinity. And that is why I quit my job. 

I recently listened to a Joe Rogan podcast titled "Floating in Infinity" where he rightly points out that on a daily basis we have a bigger view of infinity than we do of the ground we walk on, yet to most people, the fact that we're just tiny monkeys floating around infinite space on a giant rock is too difficult a concept to grasp, or perhaps just too overwhelming and so people accept that we just live in space, and they get on with their mundane self-centred lives never even bothering to look up. I want to shout at these people. Not a message of hate but more along the lines of "YOU'RE PART OF SOMETHING SO MUCH BIGGER HERE! YOU DON'T HAVE TO SETTLE FOR THAT SHITTY JOB OR SHITTY BOYFRIEND. YOUR PROBLEMS AREN'T REAL PROBLEMS AND YOU HAVE NO REASON TO BE UPSET. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL JUST LOOK INTO NATURE AND BE AT PEACE!"...I don't know...something like that.

I guess it just dawned on me that I would rather take the longer route to my goals and be free and contented by blogging, than settle for the stable source of income, stuck in a job that failed to fulfil my itching need to spill my creativity and wanderlust out into the world! I feel that as a developed species we suffer with the problem of too frequently living in our own thoughts. I believe this makes it evermore difficult for people to  live in the present and actually appreciate the beauty and reality of the world we live in. The world is no longer real but just a half lived in dreary place, where we fail to see past our own social circle. I believe it is this state that provokes people to chase possessions and power (a means to give them purpose), feeding the ego and suppressing consciousness and oneness. This is the main reason why we are exploiting the planet and our resources. It is this sense of detachment from nature and our origins won over by the egotistic notion that 'I' is are centre of the universe and anything we don't see or that doesn't directly affect us doesn't exist or is simply irrelevent. Can anybody else see how fucked up this is??? SO, I refuse to let myself settle in to that robotic nature. Whenever I settle too far into routine I forget to be ALIVE. I forget that I am not the only sentient being that matters! Apparently it takes folding hundreds of napkins and polishing endless amounts of cutlery to have this epiphany. Enough is enough! 

People told me I couldn't work for myself. But here I am, 19, freelance, happy and OH SHIT yea, actually making money. So here's little old me tellin' you, you don't have to settle. Take a look at the stars tonight and fucking let it resonate that life is not about desk work or fancy cars. Work should not feel like work. So don't GIVE UP, please for the love of god don't give up on a chance to be happier! If you hate your job, find another, if you want to start a new, sell some shit, book a flight, have an adventure! This life is your incarnation and you get to do what you want with it. So make a promise to yourself right now to seek out and prioritise happiness (not just yours but others!). Increase your awareness of consciousness and earthly compassion so you can feel good in this existence.